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Default Re: Time Magazine Exposed

Originally Posted by Humble Janitor View Post
Time is so full of ****, it's not funny anymore.

It's not even good enough to use as toilet paper. I use The Econonomist instead.
What, the Economist 'goes further' ?

I often find Economy toilet paper a 'false economy'

thanks for your expose Gareth, a very interesting read.

My dad gets time magazine, so I've had a flick through. Some articles do seem to be quite in depth, but I'd agree, the whole tone is very Amerocentric (and why not?, I suppose) and like so many newspapers, doom and gloom sells so it's not surprising that that is what it is full of.

Jeez, you've only got to look at Avalon to see which threads carry thousands of hits, and those which get all too few. so we shouldn't be toooo hypocritical of these 'programming' accusations.. or we find we're doing it ourselves!

I recommend you look at you'll be bored in under a minute
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