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Default Re: "We can eat to starve cancer"

Originally Posted by sunflower View Post
Hi Dantheman, glad to see this list includes wine! And licorice I get in my Yogi Teas! Seriously except for kale, lavender and sea cucumber I am using and eating all the others.

Question: how do you include lavender in your diet. I have some in the garden so that would be useful information.
You inhale the aroma. There is energy in the scent. Aroma therapy works.

Also, when fighting cancer it is imperative that you abstain from all sugar! Sugar fuels cancer! That's why the baking soda and maple syrup concoction works. The sugary syrup is the trojan horse for the baking soda. The cancer cells see the sugar and eat it up, all the while the bonded baking soda is being carried into the cancer cell to kill it.

If you really want to know (I'm likely preaching to the choir) the truth about our bodies and how they operate, see the story on Royal Rife. Google "Royal Rife". This man CURED cancer back in the 1930s. He blasted the cancer with particular frequencies, killing them dead. His machine worked!
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