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Default Re: A Red Hummingbird

Such a red horse is usually called diablo famous trigger was a palamino....

can't resist!!

Hummingbirds are as far north as here, and not that common to spot. We seem to get the ruby throated, which also doesn't seem to be what you saw, christo. Hmm. Hate to rain on a (bird sex) parade, but could it be a by-product of red food dye (that's put in nectar feeders people put up), like weirdy carnations in floral shops? Are there lots of those around? It sounds like it was in a natural area though... ?

Or, was the light caught on the bird by something else, so the bird reflected as red? I haven't heard of pure red hummingbirds. Maybe it just was. Who was its partner, its colour? That could tell you the species - they stick together for mating.

I've seen birds mate - the near flyby is amazing. Birds seem kind of a miracle to me, especially the little ones!! You should see the cold temps chickadees and whatnot sparrow species endure here in the winter. Some of those hummingbird eggs are supposed to be the size of tictacs!

Coincidentally, I heard a hummingbird story just a few days ago, how a little hummingbird community set itself up with little nests in a tree with a hawk. They were safe from predators, because of the hawk. Also, they were too little for the hawk to care to hunt, because hawks are careful about energy expense vs return; they just get tired and flop with little chases.

So it was a Great Hummingbird Tree.
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