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Default Re: A Red Hummingbird

Originally Posted by Majorion View Post
I'm wondering if the sight of this red bird provoked any special senses or perhaps a flash of psychic ability, did you feel anything like that, I'd like to hear more about this story, is there an interesting plot twist to all this?
Yes... there are several twisty things at play and working on what created what and/or nothing at all cept two birds having a trist in the bushes. But ventures in red seem to have many meanings and the use of red has many applications.

So I'll start with three ponderings:

1). Is there an actual hummingbird that is all red?

2). Did the hummingbird momentarily turn red because of having sex?

3). Was I tuned into another density, or just mentally relaxed and unblocked, (?) by being deep in thought and when the hummingbird flew out of the bushes the energy being emitted by the bird appeared to be red because of a momentary frequency change of transmission, like pheromones?

Are we supposed to see Pheromones?

A start...

Oh... and is there a red horse called trigger? (that is just a joke)
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