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Default Re: Pacific Northwest Ground Crew

Sounds like a nice area Karen. I will have to make plans for a trip down there to look things over. I like the proximity of the mountains to the east of there too. I will be going as far as La Grand on occasion for meeting that are held there for another organization. Maybe I can swing down there in 2 or 3 months and check it out.

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Hi Sleeper,

Good to hear from you! I am pretty much stuck here in town (Baker City) - since I'm not a money chaser, don't really have the funds for gas to travel anywhere. There are lots and lots of older fixer up houses for sale in this town, as a lot of people are building nice new houses out on the outskirts.

I keep imagining providing jobs for the unemployed here with garden work and food preservation. The town has a local Farmer's Market going in the summer time.
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