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Default Re: Pacific Northwest Ground Crew

Originally Posted by Sleeper View Post
O.K. I've been gone awhile but I'm back. Karen. I'm pretty close. Irrigon, Or. between Umatilla and Boardman. PM me if you want. I would love to get a local group going. We are working on some stuff now. All in the planning stages due to lack of funds. Damn it seems like I'm so far behind on being where I want to be on this. The world seems to pull people apart with it's incessant draw to the need of the dollar.

Well I'm here, I'm working on solutions with a person or two in the local.

Edit: Any one else near us in Eastern Oregon or south eastern Washington are also welcome to PM me to work together.
Hi Sleeper,

Good to hear from you! I am pretty much stuck here in town (Baker City) - since I'm not a money chaser, don't really have the funds for gas to travel anywhere. There are lots and lots of older fixer up houses for sale in this town, as a lot of people are building nice new houses out on the outskirts.

I keep imagining providing jobs for the unemployed here with garden work and food preservation. The town has a local Farmer's Market going in the summer time.
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