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Default Re: President O'bama ,bless his heart.

Good point, we need mass awakening before mass non compliance.
Not so sure about the energy just is part though....
Fear is energy, used to control. But so is fears twisted step sister. And she controls us far more, her name is desire.
Thus I tend to think there are different grades of energy, and when the human mind resonates with a certain type, we bring it to fruitation through our gift of manifestation.

The ideal would be.. Tomorrow, If everyone if North America would stop paying their taxes, not listen to a thing the government says including all the so called laws, if they would not work for or put any thought or energy into the corrupt system, the beast would sink the next instant, its energy would not manifest...
Im of course simplifying, but this is why we are all just as important as anyone else, we all ride the beast on one level or another... and keep it afloat.

Originally Posted by no caste View Post
Interesting point. Energy on corruption. Just better to let it go?
Mass non-compliance needs information, i.e. a reason to be non-compliant, so research helps. Besides, energy just is, neither wonderful nor terrible.
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