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Default Re: President O'bama ,bless his heart.

sniff sniff... I smell a heavy dose of wilcock in ur post.
hmm.. Questions arise. Why raise (or lower) other humans above yourself or anyone else?
Why is obama singled out when he is no more important then you aside from illusion?
Why not bless every ones heart?
Am I being slightly cynical?
I guess my point is, why waste wonderful energy on corruption? Mass non complaince is the only answer I can see that would change the way things work, but since I don't see this happening anytime soon, one can always start with themselves. Ignore the beast. Adding anger and fear, or hope and good wishes only fuels the fire.

Originally Posted by Richie View Post
i hope some have noticed the difference in the character of a senator and before that a slum lord's attorney.All during his campaign for president smut was thrown 'to and fro'. His personality and concerns for
all people are a complete flip flop,regardless, of who is behind his presidency.Without going into detail i just know he is not the man he once was.I actually like him,not just because of his ounce of irish blood but because he truly shows 100% integrity.i believe he has a changed soul "literally".i am gratefull that he can deal with world affairs as he does.i see in his eyes his concerns and love.There is something ever so terrific about this man.i believe he will give full disclosure in due time.
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