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Thanks again for your creative and thoughtfull geniusness, and for the invite to your personal celestial sanctum. I have been ill, and hospitalised for a while, it was a mission that I had to undertake. I believe I have now completed the last vistages of my kharmic debt to physicality, and I feel lighter, more evolved, and enlightened; but enough about me.
Things are now happening very fast. I have reasons to believe that very soon, many of us here will be re-uniting with our off-earth family, and possibly visiting previous homelands for what may be a short stay "about 3 thousand years or so". I thought it might just be appropriate and timely, to suggest the following link,
This is from me to all of avalon, and from every member of avalon to every other member, JUST IN CASE.....

Mudra, you have done so much, and shared so much, your light and love and passion is indeed contagious.
Got to go now, but I will be back soon....
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