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Default Re: In this space and time~ share your visions of the future/now

*In the future, all babies, as nature intended will by breast-fed by mommy or a wet-nurse for at least two years.

*Genital mutilation of males (circumcision) and females will be abandoned as barbaric rituals and therefore there will be less violence in the world

*All humans will be given adequate somatosensory stimulation for proper neuropsychological development

*Mothers will return to the natural practice of sleeping with babies snuggled next to them

*Mothers will carry their babies with them much of the day - and the benefits to society will reverberate throughout the world.

The rest is a quote from:
Culture Shapes the Developing Brain for Peace or Violence

This comprehensive DVD-Archive documents a history of over fifty years of research that establishes how pain and pleasure influences brain development for peace or violence. Historical film documentaries with contemporary interviews illustrate how the human primate has become the most violent primate on the planet and what must be done if world peace is to become a reality. This research documents the following principles:

* Pain and pleasure experienced early in life shapes the developing brain for peace or violence.
* Complex neural networks are produced by sensory stimulation; impoverished neural networks by sensory deprivation.
* These two sensory processes shape two different brains: the neurodissociative or neurointegrative brain.
* Neural networks formed early in life influence the neural networks in the later developing neocortical brain, the brain system for the formation of the social and moral values of culture.
* Children reared under conditions of pleasure (affectional bonding) are placed on a life path of affection, peace, harmony and egalitarianism.
* Most children reared under conditions of pain and suffering (affectional deprivation) are placed on a life path of depression, violence, authoritarianism and suicide.
* Violent cultures impair development resulting in the neuro-dissociatve brain. The behaviors associated with this impaired brain prevents the development of the neurointegrative brain and its peaceful behaviors.
* Cultures throughout the world must recognize the full equality of the feminine with the masculine if affectionate and sexually non-violent relationships are to prevail.
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