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Thumbs up Re: In this space and time~ share your visions of the future/now

Thank you my Friends,
lindabaker~ Christo~ no caste ~ and of course burgundia

I will share a bit of my vision with you now.
But first;
In order for any of us to truly create a Future Vision~ into a manifestation of the Now~ it requires a {daily} determine mindset and focus. A filtering out from our lives~ past injustices (inherited and heaped) upon us
Then and only then <can> one break free of the {falsely} learned social behaviors {desire} to control one another~ and the constant pursuit of material pleasures on this plane.

This is what has corrupted~ blinded and prevented most humans {us} from manifesting the most beautiful experiences here on Earth
The simple truth and solution~ is the loving and sharing of oneself ~then projecting this emotion outward <back> towards all things.
Note~ it will manifest back too you!

From that starting point > your vision will begin to take on a significant purpose in its quest. Many of you > already realize this~ but just need to move away from that great deception (weaponry) used aganist us<>fear!

Begin~ to live in humbleness with empathy towards all ~ especially mother Earth~ then you will be amazed by what love unfolds and then returns back too you

With much thanks too my friend Carmen

My vision now~ always begins will this prayer;

I Am <> God<> I Am <> Unlimited God <> I Am
For the love of All There Is~ My Spirits Energies
Raises the Frequencies and
Restores The Truth- Peace- Harmony and Balance too Earth.

This Day I Am Filled With The Power and Knowingness
of My Holy-Holy Spirit.

I ~ Desire For all My Thoughts and Emotions~
Too Resonate and Dwell In The Light of Eternal Love.

I~ Am Forever Young and Filled With Vital Energy!
Every Cell In My Body Radiates Perfect Health!

I~ Live The Future/Now 2013 and Beyond!

My Reality Unfolds with My Focused Intent~
Too Ascend With All Our Spiritual Family and Community~

So Be it!

much love always too you all<>giovonni

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