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Default Re: In this space and time~ share your visions of the future/now

I see the 4 systems of control have disappeared 100% and everyone knows never to allow that train of thought to come back again.

The four systems of control that no longer exist is the:
1. Government in any form which controls the emotional body
2. The Medical cartel in any form which controls the physical body
3. The Religious beliefs that speak of disempowering rites outside of yourself which controls the spirit.
And 4. The educational system that parades predesigned information to controlled parameters by rote which controls the mental instead of knowledge gleaned through introspection of Divine Intelligence.

These four systems are replaced with the understanding and knowhow of self-empowerment, personal responsibility, and self-awareness by which forward evolution to discover, explore and continue on with our souls adventure uninterrupted by anyone or anything!!

Gio can you see where the least crowded part of the beach is from up there?

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