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Default Re: In this space and time~ share your visions of the future/now

My vision is of a return to an unpolluted earth, an earth whose bounty feeds all.
A world where duality is examined and learned from, as opposed to being cause for emotional distress and therefore more violence-induced misunderstanding. A world where children remain free spirits without the cutting of their creativity by those who regret rebelling against those who did it to them in the first place. A world where people can question the hows and whys of things without being made to feel that they are stupid. A world where there is no more disease caused by man made filth, and where childbirth is a joyous and pain free experience. A world with free energy devices. A world where thoughtfully spoken truth creates loving relationship. A world where beautiful physical appearance is not a criteria for having a well respected voice. A world where popular media (from film and tv on one hand to outside the mainstream "guerrilla filmmaking such as project camelot interviews) is promoted and viewed based on the issues. The end of prejudice against real people and how they look on camera, as opposed to the criteria of whether or not they are sexually acceptable or not acceptable from a male point of view. How's that for starters?
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