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Default Re: Al Bielik - Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project

Indeed I have thought of the issues you raise.

Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron View Post
Could time travel mostly be holographic projections of recorded past events...and future extrapolations which are converted into holographic projections? Is time travel really perceptual rather than actual? Bill Cooper speaks of the 'aliens' Muroc in 1954...displaying a holographic projection of the Crucifixion of Christ.

Who is to say but my sense in speaking with HD was that time travel was experienced as the real deal when one ended up where they were going and it was not a holographic projection. In fact, I did see a photo that had been taken and it looked real.

Will a staged Second Coming of Christ be a holographic projection...featuring a fake Jesus? Is there a holographic projection technology in which portions of the projection can actually become physical? Some say that this whole world...including you and a holographic projection.

Will the second coming even happen? The majority of folks assume that this is to be an external event as compared to an internal experience. I can only go on what I personally experienced with respect to my experience with Christ. I don't like to write about it because people tend to trivialize that which is sacred to the experiencer. However, I would know the real thing from a fake in a heart-beat because of the experience. It's based on vibrational frequency that resonates within all multi-dimensions of ones beingness and consists of total love and compassion.

Also, from experience, I know that the aliens have the ability to release serotonin in the brain and stimulate a euphoric feeling along with a longing for more of the same - much like an alcoholic would crave alcohol or an addict his next fix. Once connected to the "hive" mind one can easily think that this is the real deal and be easily fooled. It is very similar to taking ADAM. And it is a different experience then an experience with the real deal.

Even as we write - the technology to carry out Project Bluebeam exists and could easily be pulled off.

John Lear seems to know a lot about holograms. Were there no planes? Was 9/11 an Inside the Earth Job? Is all of this interrelated?

John Lear was wrong about those planes being holographic as he was not the only pilot who weighed in info about this.

Is the interrelationship between physical/mental/spiritual/multidimensional/holographic/past/present/future the truth which cannot be revealed? Is everything an illusion? Nothing is real? Nothing to get hung-up about? Strawberry fields forever? Life 'tis but a dream? Are we merely holographic actors on a multidimensional stage? Are we merely reruns of what has already occurred? Or are we holograms of what will occur? I believe that I'll have another drink...[/B]

Well this is a lot. What can't be revealed is time travel and how it has already been used and what would happen if it got into the wrong hands. Not that the hands it is in are the best. However, aliens time travel all the time so it stands to reason that if humans have that technology the temptation to use it would win out.

According to the mystics everything is an illusion and the more one evolves into their spiritual beingness it is easier to see how this is so. As for being actors on a holographic stage - well yes and no. If one knows that it is all an illusion then is one an actor? If one believes what is experienced with the 5 senses is all that there is then one is just being a spirit in a human body experiencing what it is to be a human being.

As for being reruns - from the perspective of karma the answer would be yes. One keeps repeating the patterns from the past until the lessons are learned and the pattern is broken or successfully redirected.

As for having another drink.. well my head has been swirling around with all these new ideas and concepts but there are a few things that anchor me in all of this. These being my complete faith and personal experience with God and Christ; the love I have experiences of the prior and the love I experience with family and friends. It is love which holds it all together for me. It is heart energy.

I still wonder if a lot of the whistleblowing information is coming from Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project refugees...who weren't suposed to survive...or weren't supposed to remember. One may have to go through the horrors of these really understand what the hell...or what from really going on.

Much of this information was recalled through deep hypnosis and from what was shared it appears that they have some very sophisticated instruments to help the process along. Please remember that even the body cells have memory and that in the research of one doc stated that the cells even recall past lives. For an MD to say something like that is pretty amazing and he was the type who had done his research and had dozens of documented case studies.

Do not be alarmed! This comment does not exist. It's only a hologram! Go back to your homes! Everything is under the holographic projector behind the curtain...who just so happens to be...a hologram named Lucifer.

Actually Lucifer is the entity behind the curtain for much of what happens in 3rd dimension and earth. However, that is not the case for the upper spiritual dimensions. The question is where does one choose to consciously hang out? 3 dimension drama or heavenly bliss.

To be free of these negative influences also requires daily meditation and a real change of what one allows in ones life.

Even for people who are aware this isn't easy. Meditation needs to become a habit and one needs to stick with meditating on a regular basis. Getting into the mindself isn't easy either due to all of the mental monkey chatter that goes on.

For example, I was just reading Astralwalker's book and he started doing 6 hours of meditation a day as a teen. Now that is dedication. How many people do you know walking around who are willing to spend 6 hours of their day meditation? Even 1 hour a day meditating?

I would think orthodoxy that you would be the sort of person who would enjoy ripping curtains away to see what is there behind them. The goal of Christ was to overcome temptation and see beyond the illusion. He knew what his future was to be and fulfilled it anyway. I call that absolute faith in action.
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