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Default Re: Al Bielik - Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project

Thank-you. Richard Hoagland says 'Google is your friend'.

Could time travel mostly be holographic projections of recorded past events...and future extrapolations which are converted into holographic projections? Is time travel really perceptual rather than actual? Bill Cooper speaks of the 'aliens' Muroc in 1954...displaying a holographic projection of the Crucifixion of Christ. Note what appears to be holograms in the following: Will a staged Second Coming of Christ be a holographic projection...featuring a fake Jesus? Is there a holographic projection technology in which portions of the projection can actually become physical? Some say that this whole world...including you and a holographic projection. John Lear seems to know a lot about holograms. Were there no planes? Was 9/11 an Inside the Earth Job? Is all of this interrelated?

Is the interrelationship between physical/mental/spiritual/multidimensional/holographic/past/present/future the truth which cannot be revealed? Is everything an illusion? Nothing is real? Nothing to get hung-up about? Strawberry fields forever? Life 'tis but a dream? Are we merely holographic actors on a multidimensional stage? Are we merely reruns of what has already occurred? Or are we holograms of what will occur? I believe that I'll have another drink...

I still wonder if a lot of the whistleblowing information is coming from Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project refugees...who weren't suposed to survive...or weren't supposed to remember. One may have to go through the horrors of these really understand what the hell...or what from really going on.

Do not be alarmed! This comment does not exist. It's only a hologram! Go back to your homes! Everything is under the holographic projector behind the curtain...who just so happens to be...a hologram named Lucifer.

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