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Default Re: Al Bielik - Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project

I watched the Philip Corso, Jr. video again ...and then I found this scathing critique of 'The Day After Roswell':

Phil Corso relates to Al Bielek because of the Philadelphia Experiment and time travel. Here is a lecture by Paola Harris(a personal friend of Corso) which focuses on Philip Corso:

Please consider these videos carefully...and read between the lines...and see what conclusions you arrive at. I'll tell you mine...if you tell me yours!

I noticed that Philip Corso, Jr. made the following points:

1. That his father claimed that he saw alien bodies...and that they were basically robots with two separate brains...and used for space travel...because humans cannot travel beyond our moon without dying.
2. That his father confiscated his personal ufo photographs...and lied about their whereabouts.
3. That his father had a clearance for 9 levels above top secret.
4. That his father seemed to be in too many places and involved in too many an almost miraculous manner.
5. That his father was in charge of the Nazis in Project Paperclip until he left the military.
6. That his father released sensitive information contrary to the wishes of JFK during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
7. That his father worked with several Presidents...and that only Eisenhower and Reagan really knew the truth about Roswell(what about Bush 1?).
8. That his father wrote a book titled 'Dawn of a New Age'. Publication uncertain.
9. That his father + 30 generals knew the truth about Roswell.
10. That his father was educated in England at Cambridge regarding Intelligence...and taught American Intelligence Officers what he learned there.
11. That 'The Day After Roswell' was not planned to be written...and was written in a hurry.
12. That his father had a massive collection of scientific papers regarding UFOs and Roswell...which included information about time travel.
13. That he has tried to release these papers on the internet...but that the site was shut down within 2 weeks.
14. That he has been told by high US government officials what not to say.
15. That he was told not to talk about the JFK assassination...and that he had agreed not to.
16. That his father was on a committee which investigated the findings of the Warren Commission...and that conspiracy theorists are on the wrong track.
17. That UFOs are time travel machines...and operate simultaneously in several dimensions.
18. That time travel(if it is real, he said) is why alien and UFO disclosure has not occurred.
19. That, as of 2004, Steven Greer was looking in the wrong places...and for the wrong reasons.
20. That he had refused to release his father's papers to Greer...but would consider doing so in the future.
21. That UFO researchers should investigate the groups who answer to no one...and that they needed to know where to look.
22. That most of our modern technology was derived from Roswell...and released between 1960-1963...and that subsequent technological developments have been based on that orginal release of technological information. (It is interesting to note that this period coincides with the Kennedy administration)
23. That his father was a contactee.
24. That he(Jr.) feared for his life.

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