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Default Re: Al Bielik - Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project

Did I understand Phillip Corso, Jr. to say that his father was in charge of Project Paperclip? If so...this would put him directly in charge of Nazis. Is Roswell directly related to Project Paperclip? Did I understand correctly from Phillip Corso, Jr. that his father released critical information contrary to the wishes of JFK? He also said that his father denied that Area 51 existed...if I'm not mistaken. He also said to look closely at the agencies which answer to no one...and that Steven Greer was looking in the wrong places...and for the wrong reasons. Should we be looking for Nazis and Deep Underground Military Bases for 'Disclosure'? Where did I hear that Jessie Marcel's specialty was disinformation? Was it Stanton Friedman? Stewart Swerdlow says that Roswell was a staged event. This view is also depicted in the Orion Conspiracy. Was Muroc(Edwards) 1954 a staged event? Was Ike deceived into abdicating the presidency? Is mind control and time travel a spiritual and perceptual phenomenon of illusion, smoke and mirrors? Is some of our 'modern' science really a potpourri of malevolent alien deceptions? One thing I found interesting in the Bielek recording...was that renegade Alderbaran Pleiadians helped Hitler...and wanted him to treat the Jews kindly...and that they abandoned Hitler in 1941. If this is true...did the reptilians and greys become the new power behind Hitler? Could this explain the contrast between the mostly upbeat and progressive Nazi Germany in the 30's...and the unspeakable horrors of the 40's? Here's a time travel video clip:

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