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Default Re: How to Handle Your Job and Finances If There's a (Yikes!) Depression

In case it hasn't already become painfully obvious, the traitorous majority members of our U.S. Congress are not beholden to the voters any longer. And now, they are not even trying to hide that fact. They are fully in the pockets of the domestic and global corporate interests who donate huge sums of money to their re-election campaigns. They constantly only listen to the corporately-funded lobbists who sell the agendas of the various corporations.

This is called "corporatism". The other terms for this form of government are "fascism" and "communitarianism" (aka "communism"). This is the form of government that now rules the former U.S.A. The members of Congress and the administration in Washington D.C. have not yet admitted to the American public that this change has actually happened, of course. They will continue to pretend that nothing has changed. They will continue to tell everyone that just a few more trillion dollars spent on various programs will return us all to the "good times".


Reality Check!!! This country has ALREADY entered a depression. We are just at the beginning stages. It will probably take 2 to 3 years before this situation becomes dangerous. But, don't worry! The government has apparently been planning on this for many years. They somehow knew all this would happen, so they began planning ahead.

Oh... you aren't hearing anything about a depression on the evening news?

Hmm, well it's important to remember that the same corporate masters own the 5 major media companies who run the news corporations. Handy arrangement, eh? It's basically "Corporate Propaganda, Inc." You see, all this talk about the government nationalizing the banks and corporations is just a smoke screen. What's REALLY happening is that the global corporate elite are corporatizing the government. That's why we are seeing incredibly massive government bailouts. They are passing the incredible losses of the criminally mismanaged corporations directly onto the backs of the middle class (who actually pay the taxes!)

And, while all of this was being planned, the elite funneled trillions of dollars (both pseudo-legal and flagrantly illegal) into building massive underground bases the size of small cities. There are now hundreds of these bases across the U.S. And that's not to mention all the ones built in other countries. Gosh, they must have gotten the same word somehow!

Then, the elite quietly began building huge detention camps around the country. At the time that these became known by a few whistleblowers, no one could even imagine what they would be used for. It just seemed to fantastic to contemplate! But, now as the economy deteriorates rapidly, the reason for all these camps suddenly becomes painfully obvious.

Massive numbers of Americans are quickly losing everything they ever worked for.. even everything their parents ever worked for and passed down to their children for their children. What do you think all those people will do when they awaken to the fact that their life savings, homes, retirements, health benefits, and even their measly Social Security checks have evaporated in a massive depression? A depression planned and managed by the global corporate elite, no less.

I'm sure you can imagine what will happen. And, if not then you'll soon see it all happen before your eyes. But, don't worry! Our benevolent governing officials have planned for that, too. They have already ordered U.S. Army battalions to be stationed inside the U.S. (in direct violation of the Constitution) for "domestic" reasons. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to connect those dots, does it?

The majority of Americans apparently (or so we have been told) voted for "Change!" Well, unfortunately the powers-that-be weren't quite honest with all of us about just what kind of change they had in mind.

Ready or not... here it comes!

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