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Default Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings

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Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings


Originally Posted by Zjenny
You were late last time.

Well WELL...we are all wells !!! (or vessels, as, St.CLAiR points out)

we just do NOT all realiSe that,
and, yet, to fill them,
is simply, a process...
to ASK

to ask first, and, all will be given --
have wise ones, told us that, before ?

As little children,
our "original spark" entered a physical "body"

i do love, what St.CLAiR calls them a "vessel"...
because, that is eXactly what they are !!!

Essential to the Essence or Capstone
[b]S]Stream_lined to integrate the highest to lowest
Sources of YOU
Energetically able to exchange with the
Light and LOVEof YOU
& all the assortment of other things, that come in around us,
to surround us

The "essence" or "capstone" is the highest eXpression of you,
some refer to it, as higher self/or, monad
i refer to it, as, THE CAPSTONE
(and, in many places in your world, is it "The Capstone" NOT "missing" ???)

When things are miSSing --
it is oft times, a "big" clue,
that it iS, this, you should spend some time, to find it !!!

The "Original Spark" of it, is the lowest eXpression of YOU,
the part that creates the physical body,
make from a "male" seed, and, a "female" seed,
both are equally important, in this equation.

The "Original Spark", it chooses the vessel,
it also chooses the "2" who parent, it
the mother, and, the father of it,
who, are its guardians, on part of its trip to earth,
and, while it is on the earth.

All ways, and, always,
The Original Spark (+ 9 eXpressions + The Capstone )
is the captain of the ship - and, yet, in many regards,
this captain, loses his/or her control of this ship/or vessel.

It is NOT just male / or NOT just female...
as, it has, only lower gonads/or, sexual parts
that make it, a boy, or a girl
In true essence, it is BOTH !!!

As children, many of us,
did have our desires meet,
and, the equation of eXchanges,
worked very well,
when we were hungry, we were feed,
when we needed changing, we were changed,
when we needed almost anything, it showed up,
it is why, we are still here,
eXpressing ourselves, in this very moment.

However, when we started a process, to ASK...
for things, needed, or NOT needed,
we were shut down...
and, in many cases, we allowed it to occur,
and, to this day, it still occurS.

The biggest part of any equation
iS simply to know what "to ask" for...
when you get that "command, and, demand" right
it, The Capstone,
starts to eXchange with The Original Spark,
and, it's 9 components,
with are already in the VESSEL,
this 1 + 9 + 1 activates,
and, very soon, you are sailing in ways in which,
you will know is totally poSSible !!!

Shamballa eXists in this NOW,
iF that is how your will wishes to eXpress it !!!

Now, as, for the "wet" part
in one of the last grand cycles "Atlantis"...
some left in air ships, and, in boats upon the waters,
and, some did get wet, and, go into the water,
i know, as, i went into the ocean, with a crystal,
and, went to Thera, a shamballa, in the sea,
and, to The Kingdom of Agartha,
and, then to The Grand Central Sun,
which eXists, at the core of The Blue Star Planet of Earth.
This is a water_world, a rare one, at that.
It is a priviledge, and, an honour,
to be allowed to be here, for, there are things here,
that you can do, that, you can NOT do,
in other my knowledge,
this is the only place, we have seX, as, we have it.

It is the combining of all parts of you/and, another,
in ways, that you bring, NOT only the highest eXpressions
of YOU, to the highest eXpressions of another,
but, you seamlessly, bring it in, using the lower gonads,
as one of your tools, and, in the process,
the lowest of lows, and, the highest of highs,
can be created, and, eXerienced.

It can be quite an 11:11 awakening, when two choose to join.

However, you must be "whole" in "you"
before, you will ever truly discover complete "wholeness" or "fullness"
in/and, with another.

So, you start, with "YOU" first, then, all else
will follow.

Everything you need, is already present,
stepping into it all, is the process,
i have been sent here, to eXchange...
1 + 9 + 1 = 11
Your Gateway to real eXchange & eXpansion

and, to eXchange, and, to share with you,
aiding you, and, assisting you
helping you, put your
"1+9+1"= 11

11 pieces of YOU,
back into alignment,
as, it is when, they are all, present, and, accounted for,
that, you can come to balance this equation,
and, you will be, or become,
all that you originally intended yourself to be.

It happens, if you ask ...
if you ask, it happens

i am susan
White Lotus Star
the eXchanger

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