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Default Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings

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Re: The eXchanger's Thread -2008 The Year of The Trinity of New Beginnings


Yes welcome to the 11th member of this polit bureau...

Some random thoughts in private here, probably only few will come here, not sure...

Look my opinion among us - The Few - here is we cant take too much of this stuff too seriously, although yes we all have read and taken note of it all and so now we are "in the know."

Great.... and like Henry Deacon said who has really seen and done it all, and then some... the only really few important things are that we stay healthy, and happy. Health is really very important.

The health thing in the years ahead is a matter of knowing the plants and the supplements and where to get them. And health probalbly depends longer term on happiness.

Happy can be when in a walk in the woods, or with some animals, and see The High Elves. Or whatever makes you happy, in my case that would be a boat and a horizon so large I see the curbature of the planet, or else I feel a bit confined.

Happy we can be when we have a few trusted friends who can laugh at all this stuff. I mean it is pretty heavy stuff at times, enough to make sane people unhappy and then sick as a result of it.

Remember when I said to Kerry and Bill in the video, when you get even only one or two persons into a small community who send out bad vibes, it is all toast, so you can look at this Forum as a testing ground to see where the knowledgeables ones are who are still happy.

It is as if the knowledge drags some of them downhill.

We all have at times better and not so good days, is why we want a few real friends who are some how on the same wave length, but I would not want to have to define what that wave length is about.

I remember my earlier days,mid nineties, 1996 or so, when a chiropractor friend of mine who set me loose on the Indian Masters teachings started to give me links about Col. Tom Bearden and scalar warfare stuff, and HAARP and all of it, I am talking like back in 1998 or so, wow, I studied all that stuff and was a bit wiped out by it all...

It took me like three years to grasp it all.

I wasnt able to talk to anyone about it, in 99 talking about chemtrails was like saying you were insane. So the chiropractor friend of mine, a Vegan, who had studied in India with the high masters, and I who doesnt take vegetarianism too seriously, nor any master, we started looking into things.

This guy was also totally clued into the patriot movement and the Libertarians and all, he had even run for Congress like way back as a very young guy. OK he knew everything about "Faction1" and "Faction 2" and all that nonsense.

Then in 1999 I did that ballot recount prediction and things started "stirring" around our community pot in West Palm Beach FL. You have to imagine Palm Beach ok thats like babylon or Pompei before the Empire falls...

It was a scene, and I was lije the outsider who only made FAT jokes about it all..

Anyway, he and I were a bit in awe about all this Scalar warfare stuff, and then we did a retreat and talked to a top shrink we knew. He first didnt want to believe any of it. After a while we had the super shrink on the program too, and we asked him: "How are we gonna explain this to people without them going nuts?"

Those were heavy discussions, I remember them well, many months of realizing whats cooking - almost ten years ago... but i have to say the 3 of us had one thzing in common. We laughed thru most of it.

We also realized most people wont be able to handle this. Thats just the way it is. We tested it out on friends, and families. Disastrous... so we finally decided it was kind of important we would use good judgement whom we could even begin to clue in on all this.

Then the two guys gave me a project because they knew I was mainly mighty ´bored all the time, they said: "Hey why dont you write a book and explain it to all."

Then came my 2002-2006 "exposure at RMN" (Rumormillnews) that was the most serious steel bath I had in my whole life, I mean even the Swiss officer school was a piece of cake compared to that. There I was for 4 solid years, day after day, telling people what is cooking worldwide, and what to do about it... so I know a bit about Forums..

2002 and 2003 I dis still while inside the USA in FL until some friends said to me, "we need to get you into safety, you tell them too much." So I carried on from Europe and did 2004 2005 and 2006 until the book was out from Europe.

During those years I was like "high profile" in the subculture, a times 5,000 peope would read my posts every day. And I was dishing out whatever came to mind, including research sources and all of it.

But like i said it was still subculture, because during the day we just pretended to be "normal" while huge research was going on. I think it is in that time that Kerry heard of me. Or I heard of her whichever..

We were beginning to talk to scientists who started to crawl out of their offices, seeking human guidance. I think the most amazing meeting was the one I had with astronaut Ed Mitchell in 2001. That is when I knew something is seriously wrong, but neither the astronaut nor I would say much verbally, We just kind of looked at each other and knew, yes its a pretty ****ty world of make belief here...

All he said to me was: "We are in some serious trouble here. Unless something changes."

Most of the guys I met (CIA too inside) asked me kindly to keep their names out of it. had to respect that back in those years.

One connection led to the next

Then came the UFO malady years
sifting through which story is real and which is bunkum

The alternative media scene and the new age is really something I came to see and experience from upclose and personal. I can tell you stories of that stuff some other time.

I went in once more in 2007 to see some friends to see if things had changed... or if there was some sort of "hope" and to be honest I have to say it has nt changed too much, because of course people are now so busy surviving, they dont need to hear more "smart words" -- and it will go on kind of in the same style...

so now here we are
Camelot & Avalon

Time Jump

2008 becomes 2009

Today when I watch the new ones coming to these "realizations" (Thanks to Camelot that cut right through this stuff) and into the knowing of what it means to be "awake" it pains me at times, because they had no training for this, at least the Vegan Chiro, the super shrink friend, and I, we all had been somehow mentally spiritually prepared for all this, whatever that means...

So my point was, while its pretty serious ****, you cant take it too seriously, you have to keep living and laughing or else it gets heavy handed. And I have to explain all this to clients who really are freaking out about it all.

Now comes the "economic" equation that kicks in on many... it is a very long awakening ahead of us. As the masses realize GLIMPSES of what we know, they will NOT like it. This whole stuff seriously threatens their worldview, and so they go hide again in their "beliefs" whatever those are...

Its gonna be an interesting journey

so the battle weary ones can always come back here and talk to Mrs Susan The eXchanger and to Zynox and to any one of the kind friends in this fellowship...

Good luck..

Anyway this is the thread of Susan so I should stop rambling....


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