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Default Re: Objective crop circle anylisis

Thanks for sharing the link:

This film is absolutely brilliant and I urge everyone to watch who is interested in cropcircles. It is excellently researched and parallels the UFO coverup in the US.

It is proposing that MI5 are funding artists to "muddy the waters" by creating many of the more complex circles since 1992. Essentially psychologically manipulating the masses. Just another example of how we are being duped by TPTB.

I have infact been in a genuine crop circle formation. I accidently stumbled upon it on my way back from Glastonbury in 1998. It was enormous but simple in design, consisting of a huge circle, a trunk and two smaller circles at each side. If seen from the air I imagine it would look like a humanoid. I believe it to be genuine because went I entered it it was absolutely buzzing with electricity, in fact I got several electric shocks whilst standing in it.

I live for the day when we have true transparency in government and we all realise we are supposed to be on the same side.


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