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Default Re: Get together on SUN 23rd NOV - Amsterdam area

Hi there to you all!

I would like to say hi to everyone on this forum and especially the members in the Netherlands!
I would like to meet some people in 'real-life' on a regular bases to get to know each other better in (New World) order to establish the right dark-light balance between each other and to see if we could start seeing each other as family.

I'm living near Leiden, Zuid-Holland, I am a 22 year old guy and I would really like to have well balanced people around me to live out our intentions to the fullest and create a well sustainable community. (probably not in Holland..)
I'm traveling a lot through the country for my work so I don't mind traveling a few hours. After all, Holland is a very small country..

I'd also like to suggest to people to just contact each other whenever you feel like it and not per se wait on suggestions for a date when we can all come to a central place or person. This is also okee of course but it's like always a matter of balance. So, and central meetings and small/ local meetings would be ideal I think.
I wonder how many people already met with each other while not reporting to the New World Order Avalon agents?

Anyway; feel free to contact me

Albert Pike

the most responsible person/ being/ man or woman/ god/ alien/ consciousness for all the dualities, chaos, love, hate and what not in our present world and the universe is the creator! So whenever some spiritual goeroe claims that human kind finally has to take responsibility he/she doesn't know where he/she talks about.
Just simply look at the very probable idea/fact that we have been genetically manipulated by aliens..
First they mess up our nature and now they're telling us to take responsibility for our own messed up nature while it's their fault that we're so messed up???!!
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