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Default Re: Get together on SUN 23rd NOV - Amsterdam area

Thanks for the invitation, I'll be there.
Yesterday I heart a conversation about the poleshift.
A scientific research tells, that all countries that lie along the coast will disappear, that land can go down or go up.
Some weeks ago I saw Narasim Haramein on youtube and he showed some comets, that should have destroyed us, but they did not. His comment was that we are floating in crace.
I think, if we are living as God want us to live and that is in my opinion, like Indians, the Hopis live, simple and pure, that we are taken care for.
I have a strong belief in prayers. I meditate and pray and live very simple. Also serving others is very important for good vibrations and a spiritual life.
I feel connected with the life of the Hopis and spiritual seekers, but I did not find a group in which I feel at home, or it was concentrated round a guru/avatar or you had to pay money, which I don't have.
I find a perfect group round mother Amma from Kerala, the hugging mother. They serve humanity all over the world, the pray and work very hard to save humanity and the Earth. I think it is very important to do things together, not necessarily meditation, but praying and serving others.
If I go away it will be Switzerland or Austria, because they lie high enough.

This is the conversation on youtube about the pole shift, part 1:
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