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Default Re: Gurdjieff, Agents, and Elephants.

Thank you Hollylindin

Thats truly what it was all about "judging"

Judgement is not a part of Soul and I had to learn to let it go to feel as great as I do

I think this lesson pulled more people in then they could ever had imagine. I know I was quite surprised. Even those that took a little siesta came back to keep the game going

LOL And to start up new little spats of their own. It certainly did effect all of us in one way or another. Even Abrax, I'm sure

As far as going to A2, I thought I wanted to but not so sure anymore. Anyhow, I did get an invite.

I used to come for the information only and think that will be the extent of my visits there. I enjoyed reading 777s, The looking Glass and The Watchers threads and a few others.

So if I see them there, I will continue reading their work but will go back to lurking as I did pretty much the first year here.

How about you ?
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