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Default Re: Fixing what is broken, healing the damage, learning and moving on. Long live AVAL

Anchor I have read your post. I believe that you wrote it from your heart. It may sound very inspiring for somebody who does not know what has happened. However, I would like to ask some hard questions that may in fact lead us to the true forgiveness and the real change. You are offering cheap forgiveness that always leads to more pain and anguish. I am sick and tired of it because I have witnessed so many people suffering because of this dysfunctional belief. What you are proposing here is to hide under the carpet the real issues that caused us pain and discomfort, saying that it was done in the name of love. Well, true forgiveness comes form openly admitting what we have done wrong and changing our behavior.

Let’s begin to ask questions.

1 Avalon was created to build community to prepare for future events. Why nobody has asked us about our opinion to move to another forum? This is a sign of total disrespect.

2. Why many treads have been deleted? We want to know who personally was involved in this action.

3 Why the mods have been sent into the Mists? Who is responsible for this decision?

4. What posts have been censored and why? We want to know who personally stands behind this action.

You have stated that “the energy has deflected into INDIGNATION”. Well, anger is a powerful feeling that indicates that we were VIOLETED and motivates us to make the real changes. Anger also is a secondary feeling underneath which lies hurt and sadness. Your proposal ‘Let it end and heal it” is basically begging us to suppress the feelings that may lead us to the real healing. Are we surprised that 27 million people suffer from depression? What about those who suffer from anxiety disorders? Do you see a connection? If the issues are not resolved, they go underground, leaving us open to being reactive, thus causing more conflicts and pain. We may even try to blame astral attacks. When we blame somebody or something, we do not want to take responsibility for our actions; therefore, we can stay as dysfunctional as we want to be. We are not going to stay as you said “stronger and wiser” if those who has caused problems will not have the courage to look what they have done. But it takes the courage and maturity, doesn’t it? Anchor, do you really believe if we offer your version of forgiveness to those who have a serious control issue are going to change?

I hope that my post will no be deleted, as you asked us to be honest.

Love to you all,

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