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Default Re: Kansas City to Close Nearly Half Its Schools

yep there is talk of quite a lot of KC (kansas city limits- not the suburbs other districts) schools being shut down- but at this point, no one knows which ones yet- (most likely a shuffeling and condensing which will require more bus routes)
or how that will affect the surrounding districts...
* special needs teachers / para(s) are always needed and demand for them looks like it is on the rise*
and if she has a desire or gift for it- she might consider transitioning to alternative schooling/tutoring for special needs *since the schools don’t really make a lasting impression with the kids* (ok, I will refrain from my soap-box speech, but I would love to hook-up with a credentialed teacher in/for that avenue-I have ideas, experience but no “paper”*** hehe)

another article with a few more details-

school district links- of the metroplexes’ different districts (most of them)

North Kansas City schools (will keep schedule next year (2010-11) for High Schools while further ideas are explored)-

Kansas city , MO (is having their board meeting on Mar 18)-

Kansas city, KS -

Turner school district- (KS)

Shawnee Mission-(KS)

blue Valley- (KS)

Independence (MO)-

Park Hill (MO)-

map of schools (KCMO)-

map of schools (KCKS)-

Olathe (o-lay-tha) (KS)-

hope that helps...

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