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Default Re: PM Stephen Harper Ties The Knot With 3 Prorogations Since Taking Office

RCMP issues:

- The RCMP provides community policing services under contract in all provinces and territories of Canada, except Ontario and Quebec.
- The current Provincial Police Services Agreement was negotiated in 1992, and expires March 31, 2012.
- RCMP provides general policing services to more than 165 Aboriginal communities in the contract provinces and territories.

That 1992 contract was BS anyway. The force moved away from community policing, a back-handed move IMO. The Mayerthorpe thing was bad. The undercover zeal and cost of the investigation afterward was weird. The changes in training were also ... different.

There have been 'issues' with the northern Alberta bomb investigation, like intimidation of residents. An 81 lady and her husband were interrogated in their home etc. The RCMP is behaving like a private thug police force for EnCana. There were a lot of contractors working up there - makes one wonder... since it was flagged as 'domestic terrorism' lol right off the first explosion bat, last year. It seemed like *false flag* destabilization to me, agents provocateurs in the field. That's just me.

The 'cover' would have been environmental nut jobs.

Sour gas wells <<< these never seem to be addressed, i.e. the illness, the miscarriages, the livestock, the quality of life for residents.
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