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Default Re: PM Stephen Harper Ties The Knot With 3 Prorogations Since Taking Office

Originally Posted by Starlah View Post
No Caste check out which may aid you on March dates/topic confluence...
A lot there. thanks!
- 'U.S. Using Relief Mission As Pretext to Occupy Haiti' - wondering about that Argentina springboard thing myself.
- 'Israel - Threatens Palestinian Authority: ... Failure by either Israel or Hamas to conduct an open inquiry into their conduct would result in the case being referred to the International Criminal Court. oh, a time line!

Originally Posted by Starlah View Post
as for other ongoing enquiries even though Parliament is prorogued the New Democrats will be discussing the Afghanistan detainee's allegations of mistreatment and torture...

This letter was sent to me from Jack Layton New Democratic Leader...
Thanks for posting that! You can imagine what response I get with a CPC MP - come to the town hall meeting to talk about the budget. Who gives a f*ck about the budget when I am asking about prorogation. {sorry! I am steamed!} Anyway, it's a great comfort to read that. YAY!!

I am troubled by something. Remember when (last election, 2008) the Conservatives had this marketing strategy? They divided up the Canadian electorate into groups, segments, whatever. It was profiling, so Jane was birkinstock (forget her!), church-going mrs was blue sweater material, so on. I can't find anything online about it right now. Where were these profiles pulled from I wonder? What lists? What data? Census? Constituents' letters? Do their friends inside run plates for them? I say that because of this:

RCMP Investigated for 'Limited' Action on Conservative Eavesdropping, re Prorogue '08

I guess it's all available to buy somewhere as market research. What I am troubled by is people or constituents used as unwitting focus groups, say community events etc. It seemed very cynical to me, like the product was a vote. As a profile, do a lot of police and RCMP tend to be Conservative? Check this, for instance. Is it common practice in campaigns I wonder for all parties.

Stop The Overthrow Of The Canadian Government

Seems like an NSA trick lol - bait and switch, black hat seo

I don't remember a time when the US took interest in Canada or, hey, vice versa. This Conservative movement seems to have a lot of solidarity amongst x-border Christian evangelical folks, that's for sure. In my estimate, sites like the first one are the work of paid professionals (internet marketing, bad practices), e.g. bait and switch like that. It's not volunteer looking at all. It's also expensive to procure. Anyway, I don't like it. Telling my MP doesn't seem like a great idea either.

Just lamenting, I guess
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