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Default Re: Can the Spirituality thread be re-named Non-physicality??

'Religion' treats the subject of 'spirit' so to me they're synonymous with each other.

Beyond fundamentalism there are still words. But words can key the reader into a personal experience with spirit. So words are valuable.

If religious quotes appear in the spirituality section - which is to be expected - then the best approach for the reader is to divine the spirit of the words; to decode them into their essence. Or at least a code closer to their essence than might appear from a casual reading. By essense i mean the 'witer's intention'. That understanding is what can lead to the original motive of the writer. If their motive was 'spirit' we might even experience that in ourselves just by understanding their words. Imagine what that could do for this world if everyone who studied religion understood the essence of their scriptures.

And then, use more words to discuss it with each other. Just kidding!

"And no man will go to his brother saying 'Know the LORD' for all shall know me (within) from the least to the greatest".

Words can serve to peel off a layer of the onion for someone else. That might bring them closer to their personal essence.

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