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Default Re: OCT 7th(ish) - More confirmation that we should PREPARE

Think on this..

There were two priests on the deck of the ship when the storm began.

They were just reading their bibles but it began to blow harder and harder and the boat was rocked very heavily so one suggested they should pray.
Nevertheless the storm became stronger and stronger and real lifedanger occurred.

Then suddenly one of the priests said to his collegue:
"I want to confess" so the other priest prepared to hear his confession and the first one confessed that he had committed sodomy once and then the other one confessed that he had had an affair with his neighbours wife.

Only a few minutes later the storm died down and the first priest said:

People say funny things when they're afraid, don't they.....

My point is:
When this whole thing has blown over (and it will) and things have settled again, will we forget about it (like we forgot a lot of lessons in the passed) and try to go on as we did or will we have learned and realise that our own greed is our worst enemy, not money.?
Will we realise that if one has more someone else MUST have less?
That interest=profit=stealing.

That we can only survive by standing by eachother....

Will we realise it and turn this crisis into something good for mankind or will we go each man for himself into extinction?
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