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Default Re: The TV Series "24"

A journalist told me that the US army intervened, they asked the producers of the show to stop showing torture to the extent that was shown in the first series. Jack Bauer literally cut a mans head off practically on camera, in his office. It was said that it was attracting the wrong sort of recruit.

I can't verify the information only the source is a trusted person.

I don't think there is any denying that the use of such storylines makes the case for torture under the 'right' circumstances more acceptable to the general public. Its is linked in their minds to the character they know. For instance, I make this up.

So everyone knows the characters now after like 10 seasons, so people think now, well I would do that if someone was kidnapping my daughter whilst trying to blow-up the world... if the situation calls for bravery, better kill 1 than thousands. In fact the sacrifice of the few for the good of the many is a constant theme. And if you are going to kill them anyway why not some info out of them. It is at this poin that they have ceased to become human and are therefore a 'resource' and of could you know what you do with a resource-- you use it.

There is no doubt that its a softening tool. The real pictures of Abu Graib were literally too obhorrent to look at for more than 1 second. But we don't get those, we get our favourite guy who saves the day, to torture, at once appealing to the emotion of connectedness and the emotion given over to a character or actor we like. Its like your brain gets a moral dilema in terms of emotion and instead of turning in to the solution, we turn off completely and have thus entered the sponge state where anything is suggestable, because to think is way too head-ache inducing.....and anyway its just a bit of fun -- a programme to relax to ..

No doubt in my mind at all. What exactly are your concerns? Because someone else this morning was talking of a similar theme, but I can only currently see post made in the last hour.

What are your thoughts?
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