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Default Re: Are there any scientists among us??

Originally Posted by Karen View Post
I'm a Medical Technologist and I studied the biology, biochemistry, and physiology of the body. I know some stuff about the various types of lab equipment needed. If TSHTF, I could with a few simple supplies set up a basic rudimentary lab to test for things such as acute (sudden) blood loss and if the person needs a transfusion, and could check if a donor would be a good basic blood type match.

One of the most exciting fields is that for the last 60 years orthomolecular scientists have known how to do lab tests for those with mental illness and how to devise a nutritional program that cure over 80%, maybe as high as 90% of cases of schizophrenia, bipolar, depression, etc. (Have to stay on the supplements.) The are something like 5 types of depression and same for schizophrenia, and if you give a person the wrong type of treatment, it can actually make them worse. Instead of having to be a zombie on 5 types of Pharma Drugs, you can actually get to the biochemical root of the problem - and have no side-effects.
If this is true Karen, then why is this not more widely known and used? I know many people who suffer from supposed depression and bipolar disorder and are so highly medicated it's not funny. Then again, I guess if they cured everyone then how would they make money right?

Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron View Post
Science is not our savior. The advanced weaponry may exterminate us. I don't even want to think about what scientists are creating in underground bases and black project labs. One can gain massive amounts of information on the internet and in the library. In fact...interdisciplinary research may be more easily accomplished by someone who is working independently...and not in an institutional setting.
I know that science is not our savior, however it is also not the devil. Just as they say with guns, guns don't kill people, people kill people. Science, when used properly and responsibly can change our lives for the better. AS I have said elsewhere, imagine if all the energies the worlds scientists have put into death and destruction for the last few centuries had been put into good? Where would we be now? Probably not even on this planet.

I do agree with you orthodoxy that much can be done in an independent environment, however the lack of funds such a research grants hinders anything major from happening.

Originally Posted by no caste View Post
Hi Lorien - I'm an engineering drop-out.

My interests run very similarly to yours. You may be interested in this video. I was super enthused about it, when I watched it a few months ago.


"The Thunderbolts Project calls into question not only countless modern scientific assumptions, but also the billions of dollars of big-science government and corporate funding that continues to preserve and entrench questionable theories - elevating them to the status of doctrine - while systematically excluding legitimate alternatives that threaten the status-quo. Alternatives that may represent the future of science. The Thunderbolts Project offers remarkably simple explanations for 'black holes', 'dark matter', the electric sun, comets that are NOT made of ice, planetary scarring and many other 'mysterious' phenomena. It proposes that much of the currently observable phenomena of deep space can be intelligently explained by already known principles of electricity. High school students get it immediately. A doctorate in higher math is not required. This extraordinary new theory also redefines ancient history, linking rock art images carved in basalt 5,000 years ago with identical images found only in Hubble photographs of deep space or in photographs of recently declassified high-energy plasma discharge experiments generated in a billion dollar lab. The Thunderbolts Project invites you to participate in this revolution, to test and even challenge its validity, or, if finding it rational and intriguing enough, to contribute to its expansion and further evolution. Thank you, The Thunderbolts Projectę"
That video is one of my favorites no caste! It just connects everything so clearly. It boggles my mind that this is not more closely being studied and pursued in mainstream science. What kind of engineering were you studying?
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