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Default What Are We Here For?

Originally Posted by Lightpotential View Post
If I might suggest something to the Moderators.

On the Graham Hancock Forum, which I also sometimes visit, they have a subject category "Mature and Responsible". And under this heading people can post threads that might touch upon sensitive subjects like sex issues or drug use. Now the Graham Hanock forum is concerned with ancient mysteries and thus in particular the use of drugs to explore altered states of consciousness is a topic that people sometimes write about there. Also, in terms of the mysteries of the secret schools, issues of sexual practices are valid points of exploration as well.

In both cases one needs indeed to be mature and responsible in dealing with these subjects. And so I would suggest to the Moderators, to set up a new fixed Topic Area under which people can post threads that might deal with such sensitive subjects. And in this way people will know what they are getting into in opening such threads.



I support your idea. If i may add, we are all grown ups and here to learn and grow. To truly learn and grow, to me, it means every and any subject/topic under or above the sun, will be discussed/explored/touched. You want the truth you have to be truthful and fearless in all endeavors. We all have free will and choices to participate or simply ignore.
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