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Default Re: Hollie Greig paedophile scandal

Paedophilia and other sexual shenanigans are par for the course among the elites, that is how they keep control among themselves. There would have been no 'peace process' in Ireland if it wasn't for the sexual blackmail of all parties which turned Ian Paisley from bigot to peacemaker in a few short years. MI5 ran a child prostitution ring during the 70's and 80's from a children's home in east Belfast- No 1 google hit 'kincora scandal', no-one has been called to account over it.
More recently both Gerry Adams and Peter Robinson (Paisley's replacement) have been blackmailed over sexual allegations in order to force them into certain political positions, if you want a good laugh check out the antics of his wife Iris, she was great advocate of no sex outside marrige and employed a counsellor to help turn gay people straight, the counsellor was gay himself and nobody got straightened out.
Don't even start me on the catholic church...
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