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Default Re: Hollie Greig paedophile scandal

BBC Cover-up

What makes the lack of police action particularly suspicious is that Hollie , now 30, although suffering Some learning difficulties, has always been able to describe her ordeal of sexual abuse and rape in detail - including naming some of the men involved.

It is understood that they included a close relative as well as a ring of other people, including a Scottish Judge. Despite working with the mother for some weeks and having open access to documents, medical and other evidence surrounding Hollie's case the BBC suddenly decided to drop their investigation on the basis that:
"We would be unable to defend a libel action from anyone we accused of abuse…… when such a wealth of material exists to suggest that one of our principle contributors suffered mental health problems at the time when the allegations were first made".

Despite having been forcibly injected and dragged into the mental institution, Anne had the foresight to go immediately on her release to an eminent expert in this field Dr. Helen Smith, who pronounced her perfectly sane. This forced the chief clinician at the institution, Dr Alaistair Palin, to retract his earlier diagnosis and agree that Anne had no mental health problems. Both Dr Smith and Dr. Palin confirmed these matters in writing and the BBC team were given copies of these documents right from the beginning of their enquiries.

Therefore, there can be absolutely no excuse for the groundless insinuations contained in the BBC's letter to Anne. BBC Convinced of (Sexual) Abuse What makes the BBC decision so suspicious is that their letter of 10 June 2009 also clearly states:
´We are convinced that Hollie was indeed abused, and we do not dispute the police and professional evidence regarding to what happened to her´

So, despite being convinced That Hollie was sexually abused and knowing that as yet no comprehensive investigation had been made by the police, and aware that no-one has been charged with the abuse, the BBC dropped the case on the basis that the mother, not Hollie, is alleged to have 'mental Illness'.

Has the BBC been bought off? Allegations of BBC Cover up This might well be the case, since Mr Robert Green, a friend and lay legal advisor for Hollie and her mother, alleges that a member of the BBC investigation team told him

that they were warned they could loose their jobs if they continued to report on Hollie's case, and other cases involving paedophile abuse in Scotland. BBC Silence and Unanswered Letters Marcus Ryder, the BBC Glasgow Editor responsible for the Hollie investigation was not available for comment on the case yesterday, and earlier letters written to Mark Thompson Director-General and Sir Michael Lyons Chairman BBC Trust by Mr Green, asking why the case was dropped and staff threatened, were never answered.
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