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Default Re: Enough is enough!

I've been hopping over the fence on this one for awhile now. Is Planet X really on its way? Is earth really crossing the galactic center? Will there be solar flares taking everything out like in the movie The Knowing... and so on.

Some days I think life goes on and this is just like Y2K.. a non event. And then there is the overwhelming evidence of earth changes and numerous other events. There is all types of evidence of ET contact and shadow government.

Time lines have been altered and the future is much harding to access given how quickly it changes - much like the a wave cresting on the shoreline. I've wonder do we prepare by digging underground, literally. And thought of many different outcomes and possibilities and have arrived at a conclusion. There is no safe place on planet earth if a CME hits or pole shift takes place. So what does one do if one accepts the possibility of massive earth changes within such a short span of time? My answer is to prepare inwardly. This means changing diet, exercise (yoga), meditation and focusing on channeling heavenly energy down to this planet as it goes through all of the changes which lead up this horizon event. This is both a personal and collective journey. Although it can seem very overwhelming at times and somewhat to fantastic to accept - indeed it is one reality worth exploring.

This is the time of inner growth and preparation. And it is also a time of looking deep within and discarding what no longer fits. It is a time of unfoldment and a time of joy. Inner discovery is also a journey of the soul in it's quest to return to source. It is a time of seeking answers and asking questions and then a time of letting go. It is a time of transformation.

There is a time when both questions and answers are meaningless because all there is - is the experience itself of at-one-ment. It is a time for taming ego and setting ego aside. It is a time for cooperation. Yes, enough is enough when one is filled with the radiant light of transfiguration.
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