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Smile They said , "This is not a game!"

My response to Them was then why does Alex Trebeck of Jeopardy keep asking me what i would like to wager on the daily double? I told Alex that I would like to wager all of it. The daily double was a 2 part question. The first in Jeopardy history..... ...What is your mission on this planet and Who are you really?
The famous daily double song is ringing in my ears.......
If their weren't humans from various star systems on this planet right now why would the NSA, FBI, Military ask me this?
I drove out to Sedona to see Seth again late Dec. 12/08. So much has changed since our very first meeting. If someone would of told me that I would be able to do certain things I would say, "What? That's possible?
The 7 hour drive was of course like any time on the road laced with varying degrees of psychic confrontations. That isn't what gets to me. what was getting to me was that these agents could telepathically communicate with me when not 1 single car was in site? I took all the precautionary measures to make sure that it would be difficult to do this. so how could they do this? well they put some sort of device in my car that was relaying some type of radio frequency that could tap into my mind.
If your familiar with my situation then you would know that the Heavenly Catalyst has given me a new life. I added a new intention.
I cancel All Realities not of my Highest Good.
In one of my recent Soul Recovery sessions their was this Bast*rd Grey alien in a ship off world and in-between dimensions. this little maggot Grey was a tricky S.O.B. the Grey had soul pieces of many beings and locking these Beings including myself into alternate realities to keep these realities going to serve some agenda for the dark forces. the soul piece is consciousness thus energy. the specific trauma that created this soul fracture is the energy that these evil beings harvest and manipulate realities with. yeah, i know it's far out.

To read more go to my blog.

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