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Default Hoax?

To Each and All,

The last thing I wanted to do is start yet another thread taking on a new life to only express individually the same thing, or call out the same thing….FOUL!!!

I will be exercising my FREEDOM OF SPEECH here and expression here….Let’s see what happens?

However, each day Avalon collapses into what I would dare say, but define as a hoax. This is not saying that is what Avalon always was, but it is rapidly becoming. This is the reason for my avatar change which for now will reflect that I as not being a part of it, but in spite of it. For it is just a game for now. However, there are some serious topics and events that should remain in motion.

For me, I will await three determining factors on where I will stand regarding Bill, Kerry, Camelot and Avalon.

1) Bill blowing the whistle on Project Camelot
2) The premise of Avalon 2
3)Actions taken (for they are always louder than words on website or a video)

In the meantime, I will continue to learn and share information without fear and void of force. Well, unless I am banned.
There is no need to continue to express the same outrage via new threads, for that horse has been overcome now with multiple wounds. We should all move forward regardless of the obstacles, for we individually and collectively hold power. If we did not, then we would have been long ignored, left alone. Let them pick and choose sides in a better way. However, let them choose only for themselves.

We can moderate ourselves, the moderators, and this site if we so choose. Project Camelot/Avalon has helped awaken us, but they do not make or break us. Their division does not reflect our undoing, but only theirs. Project Camelot was infiltrated, not you. You continue, we continue….Nothing more, nothing less. It is all quite silly, actually.

We can establish the groundwork that will allow the some of the following:

*Inconsistencies will be exposed
*Favoritism will be exposed
*Falsehoods will be exposed
*Profiteering will be exposed
*Agents will be exposed
*The truth will be exposed

The Free Human Movement continues regardless of who moves first, or who stops moving. EnterNet-ExitFree (ENEF-Enough said).

As a safeguard, I am open to helping ensure we move forward with or without what was fondly created here. Yes, this may mean creating our own site to maintain the ultimate purpose and goal: Complete Freedom and No truths hidden. Please feel free to contact me in confidentiality if you have any expertise, or opinions you can contribute toward us moving forward if necessary. You can reach me at

Please feel free to use the attached Avatar.

Best Regards,
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