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Default Re: On 8-8 start up the FED - Free Energy Device project!

Originally Posted by Unified Serenity View Post
Christo888 I like this thread for creating new devices. I don't mean to be a stick in the mud regarding what you said, "Do not apply for a patent or try to protect your idea- that is exactly what will continue the very conundrum we grew up in that maintains dependence, control and slavery. Write a book on the best uses of your design or other designs and make money with your experiences of using Free Energy Devices instead!", but I will be.

If you do not put a patent on it, then the oil companies can and will, and it will be shelved. If you don't protect the information and give it away, then it will be patented by another and hidden from all. This has already happened in many areas.
Well US this is a huge concern with anyone whom has put there heart and soul into an invention. And yes any invention that disrupts the current paradigm of technology will be stolen, bought up, and/or shelved.

Go ahead and patent your idea... the same fate awaits as those before it! And any patent infringement will have to be defended which of course will eat up any capital invested and to bankruptcy court you go...
Sucks doesn't it?

So how does one distribute their invention with or without protection? Either way you can't win... ingenious system in place for those who rule the world isn't it?

One cannot patent a plant- but create a process that duplicates the properties of a plant (drugs) and patent that... we all know the story right! Also one cannot patent Free Energy but create a process that harnesses it and patent that... then your back to the dilemma of tptw.

So what does the world do to remove this blockage? Change the rules !!!!!! Stop trying to patent a device and instead provide the information!

(Besides rumor has it that China owns the USPTO anyway... I think it was President Ford that sold it to China... totally not sure on this, I did not research to verify which President may have done this.)

One of the biggest lies is that Oil is a limited resource, well Oil is renewable it always has been... just about any living organism produces Oil... and Earth is one large living organism! But as long as everyone believes Oil is non-renewable it can be regulated because we are taught that. Oil is a by-product of an organisms process. Let's go take a little step higher... Gold is not limited... it is a by-product of a transmutation process of a base metal. Similarly as Rust is a simplified by-product of entropy under certain conditions surrounding Iron.

Lightening strikes the sandy beach and leaves a pool of glass in its wake, Sun shines through the crashing salty ocean waves and Negative Ions are produced, etc.

Perhaps 6.8 billion different ideas exist to harness a process of Divine Intelligence and not one will be the same nor would it be necessary to patent.

The following is not patentable...
"... ‘Creation’ manifests itself through mutation and transmutation, implosion and explosion, duplication and multiplication. And Freedom is won by quest and conquest where-by an in-fusion of Divine Intelligence; the innate Omnipotence, Omniscience, and Omnipresence in its desire for expanse of itself emanates through infinite potential manifestations over time; Animations of Divinity..." Christo888(surname)

Write all the books and draw all the charts you want and can come up with as Copyrights and Trade Marks are simple and easy and can provide some form of origination for credit and authorship. Intellectual Property and 'Work Product' belong to the originator if you want it to be.

Originally Posted by lindabaker View Post
Inspired wisdom will win out and our planet will be free. Many people can bring forth ideas at the same time in different parts of the world. Almost Miraculous, no? Now we just have to start producing the devices everywhere at once so that there are too many to suppress. We will win this one, and the time is near.
My 'lindabaker' that is a fabulous idea!!!!

:thumb_yell o:

Create as many devices that harness the power of the "Animations of Divinty" as possible.

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