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Default Re: On 8-8 start up the FED project!

Yesterdays dream for 8:00am brought up the idea of Bi-location, and at 8:00pm the image for a device was a silver frisbee looking thing with a silver matte finish and a glowing bubble on top and bottom. This 'thing' fit in the palm of your hand... maybe left hand!

On a side note... my experience with investors who are part of an industry will get you nowhere... meaning taking your idea to those who are part of the Free Energy Device groups will more than likely stymie your project!!!!!

Find investors who do not know anyone in this field and have no connections to those in the know. Keep those people in the dark of what you have and work with your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers.

Also, if you start with one idea keep adding many more ideas, plans and projects. Scatter the ideas amongst many other groups and do not allow one group to have access to all of your ideas, and do not tell one group about what you are working on with another group... this is not for deception sake but it is for maintaining your momentum should you encounter sinister motives with a group that you may not be aware of. Even take one idea to as many groups as possible and may the best group win!!!

Everyday ask for Free Energy Device ideas and specific plans to make them reality. Draw or write what comes to mind and ask for the right frame of mind person or group to help you.

If you ask it will be given... no ask no receive!! Simple enough.

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