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Default Re: Listed Visions & Dreams of the Future.

Thank you.

I had a wake-up call a few years ago and I saw Midwest US that was tattered. However, I don't think I will be going in that direction any longer.

Originally Posted by Chris1617 View Post
Iím posting this in a thread that we can keep just for our listed dreams and visions of the future and discussing specific details within these dreams and visions. Iíll post any future dreams here too. This will be a very useful tool. Thank you, Kerry.

Originally posted under "Welcome to Future Talk."

I had a dream two nights ago that might have been a visionary semiotic concerning the near future.

I was at the coast, not a commercialized place, but someone was there. I can't remember whether we were on the beach or on the sea somehow. I saw a largish wave coming in and became concerned. I said something to the other man there, probably warning him, and bid a hasty retreat. The wave was growing larger and larger. Then I came to a place with what appeared to be a kind of homebuilt temple as they often have here in Japan. It wasn't completed but the walls, although wood, looked very sturdy in construction. There was no more time and so I just went inside it. There was no roof. The wave smashed with tremendous force against the temple wall but it was OK.

It was rather like the video of the Indonesian tsunami wave crashing onto the wall surrounding the upper floor hotel pool in Pataya Dec. 24. That's all I remember.

I find my visionary semiotic dreams are usually exactly one day, one week, one month or some months to the day in advance of the actual event. Of course, this one could also be a psyche throwback or past connection to that Indonesian tsunami of Dec 24.

There is also a large M9 quake predicted by Billy Meier for off the coast of Oregon which is said will create two tsunami, one being very large and a killer (as will be the quake). It is said it (the quake and tsunami) will take many lives. It will doubtless reach Japan (where I live).

No time frame was given for this event by Meier, so it could still be some time out there, although this event has been mentioned by others about a year ago. Here is what Meier was told over three years ago on June 25, 2005:

Ptaah: ďAccording to our preview, there will be a sea-quake of 9 points on the Richter scale, in the region of the north Pacific, not far from the American coast from Portland, in the south of California up to Washington to the north.* As a result, there will be a gigantic fault of several hundred kilometers when, as never before, a sea-quake tsunami will spread in a ring-form, and produce immense devastation on the mainland and on the islands which will cost many human lives. The sea-quake will last for about five minutes, to be followed by additional and less forceful quakes which will trigger another but less severe tsunami. Some facts about this threatening danger are known to terrestrial scientists, but they are not capable of realizing the really factually developing catastrophe.Ē

Michael Horn explained that this may be some sort of typo, but he believes it means south of Portland, down to the south to California and to the north to Washington. But he was going to get clarification on this.

This event is not connected to the San Francisco earthquake that Billy witnessed and took photos of. Michael said he would try to find out if this comes before or after or is the cause of the coming SF quake.

Perhaps my dream could have been a reference to that if not the storm of yesterday and today.

Warm regards,

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