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Default Re: Target date for the UN to rule the world: 2012

Originally Posted by Steven View Post
It does not surprise me. But I am sure it was not their date initially. They are rushing their plan forward and it is full of mistake here and there. It simply does not work... Just to make a fly by of their crumbling foundation.

1. They need a big war. Tried in 2008 with China/Russia/Iran versus USA/Israel didn't work.
2. They need population reduction, AH1N1 vaccine will not be as destructive as they plan, my prediction...
3. They need to take over Asian countries into their game. This is not going well at all.
4. They need to remain hidden as well as their plan. This is not going well too.
5. More then ever, they need to unite their force (families) and synchronize their focus under one goal. I heard many times form insiders that many puppets are leaving the boat saying they are simply at war between each others.
6. Their old brainwashing machines are getting down. Music, movies and media industries (Rothschild) are overpass by internet.
7. The people are awakening... In the 70's, A very few percentage of the population on Earth believed that maybe there was a conspiracy perpetrated by a shadowy elite in power to take over Earth control. Today, many people believe that their is a ruling elite that govern the world.

They are afraid of the awakening of the sleeping giant. That is where Agenda 21 is helpful to them.

Namaste, Steven

They, are now going to have to deal with fear because there IS an awakening, It is happening and we all can feel it!! They must be at the speed we are rising out from the D.I.M.M:

Deception, Illusion, Manipulation, Mindcontrol.

Hang on folks, we in for a ride

Peace always.
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