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Originally Posted by Bill Ryan View Post
I spoke with 'Mr X' on the phone a couple of hours ago and he'll be delighted to contribute here. He sends his regards to you all. He told us he checks the Camelot site every day for updates and news and is very pleased that Avalon has been launched.

He's very busy and also traveling just now, but he'll post here when he can in answer to members' various questions. He played an important inspirational role in the founding of Camelot in 2006 and has since become a personal friend. His whistleblower testimony is solid, reliable, and important.

He will also do an audio 'update' interview with us, this time with no audio filters: we've not scheduled this, but it's likely to be in the next couple of weeks. Kudos to him for his courage in coming forward and taking his stand.

Hi Bill

I saw an interview with the late L Ron Hubbard and he claims the second coming to be a mass landing. Do you correlate this with Mr. X's testimony that there will be a mass landing in 2012? How could LRH have access to that information? From what I gather he was in the Navy.

Dr Tony
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