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Default Re: Advice on a decision

Yep , I'll verify what Steve said, Canada is in much better shape and in my opinion much a humble nation of down right good people, I spend alot of time in canada and have many friends there . I ride my bike to a charity event way in the north. They raise 70,000 dollars in one weekend for cancer research. All bikers.

Chris go with your intuition. I always say if you ever put a picture on the wall, you always stand back away from it so see if it's straight on the wall. Once you walk away you close your eyes and when you open your eyes, whats the first thing you see? Not the color, not the size, not whats in the picture, but if it's straight or crooked. No emotions in the decision just a decision. Apply that to yours if you wish.

As for the gloom and doom, hey there was a 6.4 quake in indonesia this weekend and a 4.4 this morning in L.A. So were on the march. This shift isn't going to be like the 2012 movie but in some pockets on the earth there will be some suprizes. If you move just have an emergency back up plan and roll with it. But of course only you can make the decision . Good Luck.
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