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Default Re: Advice on a decision

Hi Chris,

I was just talking about Canada yesterday. This guy's daughter will move to Quebec soon.

I think Canada is, unless I missed something, one of the safer nations economy wise. Nowhere near as bad as the UK nor US. I'm sure it has its' problems but nothing too alarmist has made it to my neck of the woods so far. In fact I read somewhere that life is so tame in Canada that adolescents go on high speed driving games, with their cars in reverse gear?!

You're talking about a few months, which suggests you are finalizing your course, ready for your final exams. Am I right?

Don't let what is going on in the world take those few months and the whole course away from you. If this is the final part of your course, you owe it to yourself to complete it, as you will be asking yourself for the rest of your life, "What if......?"

Good luck on your decision making.

Best regards,


Originally Posted by Chris View Post
Still wrapping my head around a lot of things that are happening, but I have an opportunity to go back to school from april to august in Vancouver. Would it be too late to risk being in a large city with a collapsing economy close to occurring.

Really not sure how to go about this, I want to continue with school, but I really don't want to be living in downtown Vancouver when everything starts to happen.
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