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Hi Kat and welcome. So many questions, where do i begin.
I will start with a quote,

One is to cultivate the seven factors of enlightenment: mindfulness, investigation into phenomena, energy, bliss, tranquility, concentration, and equanimity

You wish to open peoples eyes to what is going on, and this is right of you. But the reactions of others can be fustrating for some.

I will tell you what was told to me by my guide. 'Tell those about the secret things you know, tell them once and show them proof. If they still do not wish to listen, do not bring it up to them again. Only if they bring it up, show them the way forward'

This that was said to me is for the benifit of others as well as others. For if you constantly talk about such things on deaf ears you will be ridiculed.

You can start something in your area by posting in the areas/countries section. This would be a good start, you never know, there may be a group already in here in your area!

As to 'where to go after this' You will find all the answers in this forum i am sure.
There is much knowledge and direction to be learnt here.
We are all here in this time period to see out an age,as we have done before,again and again, and set the way for the generations to come.

All of our roles are one of the same here, as we have done before, to break down the illusion of this world and bring about the next.

This forum will be your guidence.
Dont look for your role, as your 'role' has already started.

i look forward to seeing you in the forums!

Originally Posted by SpiritStones View Post
Hello, I really hope I have put this in the right place, but I need some guidence please.

I started my spiritual path some 10 years ago, it has snowballed in the last 2 years.
Last year I realised I was channeling a spirit guide, her name is Clara and she rocks!! Because of this my depths of who I am have become deeper, to the point where I feel I do not fit in anywhere, which I can handle because I would rather stand alone than with people who don't get me.
I am training to be a spiritual coach and I want to help as many people as I can to awaken or at least understand that there is more going on here than we know.
I am aware that each of us will see and feel things that others don't and those that have had the awakening experience would have done so through their own means.
Where I feel stuck is where to go next. I feel the internal knowlege I have is huge and putting that into words is so impossible, anyway, I have watched and believe I have FELT the 2012 Enigma and am sitting with my partner tonight to go through the Project Camelot. I feel like bursting inside when I watch and read and listen to these things. After this, where do I go, how do I deal with the knowledge? What do I do with the knowledge and how do I keep feeling a part of the bigger picture instead of feeling like I stand alone?
How do I encourage people to listen when it all sounds so crazy to a novice??
Do I even make any sense here??
How do I go about starting something in my area via this forum? I just feel like the more I learn the more questions I have, I just need a little guidence as to where to go after this??
I am so excited about sitting tonight and listening to the discussion between Camelot and David Wilcock. After that I will work through all that is here, but what do I do with the knowledge? What do I do? How do I find what my role is? I do believe I am meant to teach people about their souls and their inner light!! Hope I make sense, thankyou for this opportunity to be around people who are walking this path.
Kat xx
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