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Default Re: Scottish Ground Crew

Well Hello Scotland!!!

Am in Bathgate.
After getting up to speed on the possibilites how safe do you think we will be?
We are prety far north suffering from northerly winds?
Remember Chernobeyl ? all the livestock?
If the poles shift would we not be within the arctic circle?
If the economy collapses Scots will be at the end of the line.

It is a good idea for us all to talk you never know whats possible.

Thought about staying but if you sat down a wrote a list of what you would need to survive its massive and even if we could get it all in place the chances are that you'll be draughted anyway Westmisters up to its eyeballs in s***.
We know better than anyone "divide and conquer" by the English is gonna bite them in the ass-Ireland-Africa-America-India and Scotland was the first victim.
We really should not have stopped marching on London.
And Alec Salmond is never going to be allowed to give us independance.
Even if he could, in the immediate future?

Scotlands done many great things but while the money from the oil goes down south we would not be able to stand alone.
All these new laws on terrorism you would think they would fix the old ones first.

Are bagpipes still a weapon of war? still technicaly illeagal?

Wonder if there are many underground bases in Scotland?
Wonder if the budget stretched this far?

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