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Cool Re: The manifestation of dreams into reality the time is now

Do you understand that Creation or Creator or god is actually all of US (Universal Self) & I don't mean us being homo sapiens living on planet Earth, I'm talking about Everything or Every Thing. SELF (Something Everything Loves Forever) is Source, Creation, or god & consciousness is our connected frequency or vibration within our own physical SELF. I always tell people this simple comparison of what we really are. If Source or god gazes, with a loving sigh, into a mirror it looks @ all of us erywhere simultaneously forever. Once all aspects of SELF discovers every avenue that it can conjure up with every potentiality that it can muster with no time needed to complete its purpose due to the fact that time is a simple illusion anyway in this holographic reality or duality called present moment or NOW (Nullifies Our When) then we all can register ourselves as the separated sparks of SELF to create our own individual dualities or choose to come back into our own SELF or Source to manifest into our own creation with no limits or boundaries because we are the one who makes all of these laws or guidelines that we bend or break as progression of our own unique playful acts of love becomes our own individuality. I like my name because it really means what I finally figured out about a year ago: God Is All Of Us Everywhere --- GIAOUE! Love SELF & so Love AWL --- (All-ways Willing Love)
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