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Default Re: Ron Paul 10/20/2008 "New Era of Slavery"

Texas Straight Talk ~ A Weekly Column

Congressman Ron Paul

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March 01, 2010: "Bizarre Spending Habits"

Last week I had the opportunity to bring up spending and transparency in two important hearings. On Wednesday I questioned Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke on some highly questionable uses of funds at the Federal Reserve, and on Thursday I asked Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about exorbitant spending at the State Department. It is extremely important to continue bringing these issues up, especially in light of our difficult economic times, when so many are out of work, as I saw up close in my district at the Oceans of Opportunity Job Fair in Galveston two weeks ago. Those…


The Cost of Our Foreign Operations

Posted by Matt Hawes on 03/01/10

On Thursday, Congressman Paul questioned Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about spending at the State Department during her appearance before the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

VIDEO (5:13):


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