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Default Re: Geeks Get Crazy...

Originally Posted by Destiny View Post
This is just my opinion...

Nothing we humans have built is superior to what already exists in nature or what we humans are. So far, everything has been reverse engineering, since the dawn of time, as far as we can remember.

Lemme explain how I understand "law of attraction". What we put out, we also get back. But, since the universe is a fractal, what we put in we also get back from outside.

Heres the physics to prove that, the fractal nature of our reality.

Deception in the society will always be there, as long as we'd want to decieve ourselves telling that we are seperate from the universe(or the one creator). I wouldn't want to repeat the same cycle again or would wish that for anyone.

It seems that telepathy is real(even though I havn't experienced it myself). Wouldn't it be a nice twist in the story if telepathy becomes common place and internet fades away because of it being less popular rather than being destroyed because of a catastrophy?

There, I am a geek and I have gone crazy
Thanks Destiny.
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